Station is Intrepidville's main computer system that works for Nora Nebulon and is usually handing out sage advice to Lloyd Nebulon.


Not much is known about Station's past, although it can be assumed he was built and finished at the same time Intrepidville station first opened up thousands of years ago.


Station is a well-mannered computer who's duty is to update the stations inhabitants on what is going on. He is usually the one who tells Lloyd what to do without being harsh in anyway and will often try his best to keep Lloyd out of trouble. Despite his wise personna, he is not above lying about himself over a galactic dating site to get the attention of a girl he cares for deeply. He has an evil twin brother that is voiced by John DiMaggio who voices another rude and self-centered robot


  • "Oh my goodness?"
  • "Oh Lloyd you slay me"
  • "Young lady if you don't start acting a little nicer, I'll be forced to call your mother".