Nora Li Nebulon is the second main character of Lloyd in Space, commander of Intrepidville, the mother to Lloyd and Francine.


Not much is known about Nora's past. Nora had her first child, Lloyd, with an unknown Verdigrian male sometime in the year X14. When Lloyd was six years old, her family moved to Intrepidville where she became the commander. Eight years later after Lloyd was born, Nora gave birth to a second child, Francine.


Nora is a tough commander who is brave, fearless and will always put Intrepidville's safety as well as her family's safety before her own. She is also able to remain calm and level-headed even during the most stressful situations.

Nora can be warm and cheerful on occasions, such as on the annual Nebulon family weekend vacations. At the start of the series she also fell for Francine's "cutsy and innocent" acts, but throughout the course of the series Nora began to wise up to Francine's true cunning nature.





  • "LLOYD!"
  • "Why is the station upside down?"