Mr. Blobberts is a member of the Blobbulon species. He is the father of Kurt Blobberts and Meena Blobberts. He is married to Mrs. Blobberts.

Personality Edit

Mr. Blobberts has a sweet-natured and friendly personality and he can be quite childlike. He enjoys things aimed at young children like children's movies and books.

He is easily scared of anything with too much action or violence which tend to upset him. This is shown in Campout on Zoltan III when the others begin telling scary stories, and in Lloyd's Lost Weekend when the family is choosing a movie.

Others on the station, such as Professor McNoggin, appear to find his childlike nature annoying. However, this does not to affect his life and relationships.

Relationships Edit

Relatives Edit

  • Kurt Blobberts (son)
  • Meena Blobberts (daughter)
  • Mrs. Blobberts (wife)

Quotes Edit

  • "Are we there yet?"
  • "I gotta feeling you didn't see the first two Snorkipuff movies Lloyd!"
  • "Haha, you're a funny crack up!"

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