Kurt Blobberts is a member of the Blobbulon species and a close friend of Lloyd Nebulon's.



Kurt was born in the year X14 to Mr. and Mrs. Blobberts. Kurt attended Woxagon Elementary in the year X21 where he was in 1st grade. It was here where he met his three best friends, Douglas McNoggin, Eddie Horton and Lloyd Nebulon. He was one of the few kids who did not make fun of Lloyd when he embarrassed himself in front of everyone on his first day.


Kurt is an optimistic but somewhat dim-witted alien who is apparently somewhat illiterate. He always tries to find the bright-side to every situation, no matter how bleak it seems. Unlike his friends, Kurt has no real interest in becoming popular and only cares about being happy with himself. Kurt also appalls violence and would rather be friends rather that fight. Despite this all though, he is treated and regarded by the more popular social circle almost nonetheless the same as the rest of his group of more savvy and intelligent friends. However when he and his best friend Douglas became Kurtlas, all the power went to their heads and they became the biggest bullies at Luna Vista Middle School until Lloyd talked some sense into them.




  • "Hooray! I'm not sad anymore."
  • "That creature's geography!"
  • "I don't speak owl language."
  • "I always figured Boomer was an evil time traveling genius."


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