Heads Up, Blobberts! is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Lloyd in Space, which was first broadcast on February 19, 2003.


Kurt tries out for the Crater Worm Crush Ball team (their version of football), where everyone finds out that he can remove his head and still operate his body. His body becomes a lot more popular without the head, and rejects Kurt. Around the same time though, Kurt's body becomes mean and inhibited and eventually gets too rough out on the field (even against his own team), and everyone has had enough, making the Kurt's head and body reconcile.


  • This episode reveals that beings of the future have their own version of football known as "Crush Ball".
  • It is revealed that Rodney Glaxer and Jake are on the Crater Worm Crush Ball team, with Rodney as the captain.


Uncredited voices: Jake, Coach Antonio, Cheerleader #2, Cheerleader #3, Biff, Crush Ball Player #4, Geneveeve, Lou