Go Crater Worms! is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Lloyd in Space, which was first broadcast on February 20, 2004.


The class clown and school mascot, Zoopy, is leaving Luna Vista and holds an audition for a student good enough to take his place, with both Lloyd and Eddie making the cut. But it proves to be even more of a tough competition when the two friends are forced to compete against each other in terms of getting laughs for the final test.


  • Final appearances of Rodney, Gina, Jake, Marcus, Mendel, Lou, Geneveeve, Cindy, Chuck, Ms. Bolts, Coach Antonio, Mr. Feely, Grace, Elmer, Jimmy, and most other students at Luna Vista.
  • First and only appearance of Zoopy
  • This is the final episode to take place at Luna Vista Middle School.