Officer Frank Horton is the chief of police in the Intrepidville police force. He is the husband to Mrs. Horton and father to Eddie Horton.


When he was a young boy he had always wanted to join the police force like his own father. One day his dad caught him glancing at the steering wheel in his car and decided to let his son drive home. Frank then earned enough qualifications to become a police officer.


Frank is a peaceful, laid-back man who enjoys enforcing the law and protecting the citizens of Intrepidville. He is also a loving father and husband and takes pride in his son Eddie wanting to become a police officer like him. In his police work, Frank is a very clever detective who can track down even the most slippery criminals. He is also very loyal to his friends and family and will never think twice before stepping into a dangerous situation to save someone in need.




  • "Eddie! What did I tell you about using the Z word? Don't use that language around - hunking shrackle splash!"
  • "Not on my watch!"